"Calling All Guests": Saving Your Event (and Sanity) One Audio Guestbook at a Time

By John Salkowsky

"Calling All Guests": Saving Your Event (and Sanity) One Audio Guestbook at a Time

Saving Your Event (and Sanity) One Audio Guestbook at a Time

Picture this: It’s your wedding, the music's pumping, everyone's having a fantastic time. Then, out of nowhere, Cousin Bobby (who’s HAMMERED) decides he's going to sing his rendition of "Sweet Caroline" into your DIY audio guestbook setup. The result? An audio file that sounds like something that should only be heard in a bathroom (ugh…we're sorry, that’s kinda gross)

How does the DIY thing work you ask? Cheap phones, poor quality and that whole downloading process…

Remember the last time you tried to put together IKEA furniture without instructions? Yeah, creating an audio guestbook from scratch feels pretty similar. And we ALL know what that’s like.

(search: IKEA HELP???)

Here’s the dealio: you’ll first have to navigate how to record your own outgoing message (“is this thing on?”) Next, you’ll have a cheap and poorly constructed phone that can easily break, a subpar mic in the handset and most importantly, no editing done afterwards. Why is the editing important you ask? Well, let’s say someone leaves the phone off the hook for say…46 minutes, or you’ve got Cousin Bobby screaming his lungs out and your niece Audrey who barely speaks above a whisper. That’s not exactly going to be FUN to listen to. Oh, and forget about that listening experience…you’re either huddled around the phone receiver or trying to download the files from some UNIX based programming t  

(Cousin Bobby in ACTION!)                         (Bobby, PLEEEEEASE!)


What to Do?!?!? To avoid turning your precious guest messages into an unintentional comedy show, consider bringing in the professionals. And, since this is our blog, guess who we’re gonna tell you to call?! That’s right, US! By securing your phone with Calling All Guests, you'll get a state-of-the-art phone delivered to your door days before your event. In addition, the outgoing message is ALREADY ON THE PHONE (you’ll send it to us and just like magic, it’ll be there). After that? you plug it in, and voila! Then, you send it back and our team of audio professionals will work their magic. They’ll make sure the Cousin Bobby tune is “listenable” (hey we’re not Auto-Tune) and that you’ll be able to hear sweet little Audrey. Oh, and the 46 minutes of nothing? Gone. You’ll get a professionally edited audio AND video file (link to video sample) with subtitles and a visualizer that make it an enjoyable playback experience. Even better, upgrade with our photo/video montage and you’ll hear AND see the sights and sounds from your big day.


In the end, what you get from "Calling All Guests" is more than an audio guestbook; it's an audio treasure chest, brimming with voices, emotions, and memories…ok, that’s a little over the top, but you get the point. In a world where DIY disasters are just one Amazon click away, "Calling All Guests" is THE effortless way to keep the magic of your event alive. Awww, now isn’t that nice?!?