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Really?!? Been off the grid for a while? Do you live in a cave somewhere? Lol, we’re just kidding! An audio guestbook is a unique phone that can record messages left by guests at your wedding or special event. Audio guestbooks are a fun and unique way to capture that moment in time when everyone celebrates with you on that very special day. You can listen back and enjoy the messages for years to come (we’re told hundreds of years)!

Of course! We send you an instruction card that will explain it all…but essentially, it goes like this: 1) take the phone out of the shipping case; 2) plug it in; 3) your guests leave their messages. Pretty simple! You can see our explainer video.

NO! It is a self-contained, ready-to-go phone that just needs to be plugged into a wall outlet or battery pack.

We fulfill rentals from 1-2 weeks out to 1-2 years! We do require you order at least a week in advance if we are shipping it to you. If you’d like to pick up…see the next FAQ!

If you can get to our Worldwide HQ on beautiful Long Island, NY, absolutely! We also offer a Premiere Rental that includes a Calling All Guests on-site phone attendant who handles it ALL. So basically, you don’t have to do a thing! (aside from pay, that is)

Nope! And once your guests get good and liquored-up, you’ll be amazed at the stuff they say!

If we ship it to you, just put it back in the box we sent it to you in and use the prepaid postage label to send that bad boy back. If you’ve picked it up at our Worldwide HQ, simply drop it back off…and maybe join us for a cocktail at our office bar (we’re serious!).

If you’ve booked our Premiere Rental, we send a phone attendant that will handle the setup and return (this is how the ballers roll).

4 days! That means if your event is on a Saturday, we will need you to ship it back to us (or drop it off) no later than Wednesday. Pro-Tip: since the phone arrives 1-2 days BEFORE the event, use it at your rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch! (hangover messages RULE!

Easy-peezy! Simply record a voice memo onto your phone or tablet and send it to us at this link. When your phone is shipped or ready for pickup/delivery, it’ll be ready to go. We also offer
outgoing celebrity messages. Got a fav actor you want leaving your message? Drop us a line!

Because we said so…isn’t that enough?! Lol Seriously though, we do things differently to make your experience the best it can be. This includes: 1) a state-of-the-art audio recording system installed into each of our phones, 2) a unique collection of phones, including our “Gallery
Edition” phones which can be customized to your specific event; 3) we deliver a fully edited audio/video experience with all your messages set to a “visualizer” that makes the experience more enjoyable (see a sample here); 4) we offer a photo montage option that allows you to give us up to 50 photos be shown while you’re enjoying your messages and 5) we’re just way cooler than all those other companies…(at least that’s what our best friend told us)

Our audio editing team is REALLY good (yes, we’re partial), so we can comfortably say that you’ll have the finished, edited audio within 14-21 days from when we get the phone back (that’s 2-3 weeks for those of you keeping score at home)

It’s TRUE! Silverfox Studios, the legendary photography and video studio, is our Mama Bear!
What that means is we’ve got the resources, brainpower and reputation of an industry leader behind us. Also, if you’re an existing Silverfox client, click here and we’ll send you a little

We’ve partnered with some incredible artists to create one-of-a-kind phones that you won’t see ANYWHERE else! Each phone is hand-crafted and designed specifically to match the theme of your event. In addition, we can create a FULLY customized phone experience where our artists create a phone specific to your event theme and our editors create an audio/video
presentation that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Inquire here for more information.

Hey, that’s 2 questions!...But we’ll answer just as well. Firstly, YES, you absolutely get every message (please note: we cannot be held responsible for the shenanigans of your family and friends). Secondly, we deliver a professionally edited finished product that will have audio adjustments made, subtitles added, and are set to a very cool “visualizer”. It is sent as a downloadable audio/video file that can be played on any device (except your toaster). We also offer a flash drive and vinyl record options should you want something a little more tangible

We deliver a professionally edited finished product that will have audio adjustments made and a very cool “visualizer” added and sent as a downloadable audio/video file. This can be played and enjoyed on any connected device. We also offer a flash drive and vinyl record options should you like to get something a little more

No worries! We’ve got your answers. Call us at 516-734-6800 or email us, and we’ll get you that answer ASAP!